Press Release

23.04.2015 to 27.04.2015

Quai des Peniches/Akenkaai 8
1000 Brussels

Johan Gelpers works are dynamic, swirling compositions of everyday objects that are assembled into a well balanced and humoristic ensemble. The finely balanced pieces make one think of sculptures from the Bauhaus or from Russian Constructivists referencing for example to Tatlins famous Monument for the Third International, albeit with an ironic spin. Other works wouldn´t be misplaced as part of the decor for Malevichs Opera „Victory over the Sun“ or in Oskar Schlemmers „Triadisches Ballet“. In his quest to find an equilibrium Johan Gelpers works are highly energetic and as Andrea Alessi puts it: through their changes in positive in negative shapes, „cue our bodies, eyes, and brains to follow their curves and angles in, out, and around - considering not only where they go, but also where they might go.“

Sofie Verbrugghen, Olaf Pradhan