Schälling | Enderle (Sept 9th2016 to Oct. 30th2016)

Tino Geiss (May 21st2016 to Jul. 16th2016)

Lieven Lefere (Mar. 12th2016 to May. 7th2016)

Sébastien Delvaux, Laurent Jourquin (Jan. 23rd2016 to Mar. 5th2016)

Bieke Depuydt, Vincent Laute, Tim Stapel (Nov. 4th2015 to Jan. 9th2016)

Johan Gelper (Sept. 12th to Oct. 31st2015)

Schälling | Enderle (Mar. 20th to Jun. 20th2015)

Ode de Kort (Nov. 6th to Dec. 20th2015)

Marnicq Roebben (Sept. 13th to Oct. 25th2015)

Tim Stapel (Apr. 25th to Jun. 28th2015)

Tino Geiss (Jan. 30th to Apr. 13th2015)

Meltem Elmas (Nov. 15th2014 to Jan. 18th2015)

Lieven Lefere (Sept. 5th to Oct. 26th2014)

Vincent Laute (Jul. 13th to Aug. 10th2014)

Mark Alker (Jun. 6th to Jul. 6th2014)